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In today’s increasingly uncertain environment, building monitoring and access control are critical to the protection of your assets. You need to ensure you have taken every precaution to protect your company and staff, and maintain full control of your premises and security.

Genie has the answer. Genie is a Windows® based system which co-ordinates the reporting and management of the different aspects of security, alarm and access control in a simple user interface.

With wizards and other tools for data processing, Genie is simple and intuitive system for both new and experienced users. Event logging, archive reporting, full user management make Genie a natural choice for Security and Access Control Management.

Genie has been designed for easy upgrading to extend limits and add options, allowing managed growth as and when required.  By scaling a system, Genie can manage user access and security alarms for sites from small buildings to multi-site, multi-panel installations. 

Genie concurrently processes alarm and event information while allowing data viewing, editing and reporting by operators.

By interfacing to the Genesis Security and Access Control Panel Genie will provide a complete solution for your security requirements.

Genie provides additional features to enhance the power of your system.

Genie is available in three editions.

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